Conference Presentations

Conference Presentations

Sutherland, Tonia. Snapshots of Hate: From Telegram to Instagram. Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC), May 2019.

Sutherland, Tonia. Dead Reckoning: Embodied Records, Black Digital Resurrection, and the Carceral Archive. Conference on African American Culture, History, and Digital Humanities (AADHum), October 2018.

Jackson, Sarah, Catherine Knight-Steele, Charlton McIlwain, Safiya Umoja Noble, and Tonia Sutherland. Race & Racism in Internet Research: Fishbowl with the Center for Critical Race and Digital Studies. Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR), October 2018.

Sutherland, Tonia. Where There’s A Will: On Heir Property, African American Land Stories, and the Value of Oral Records in American Archives. Archival Education and Research Institute, July 2018.

Sutherland, Tonia. Doing Time: The Violence of Digital Data, Borderless Colonialism, and the Racialized History of the U.S. Prison Industrial Complex. Social Life of Time (Edinburgh, Scotland), June 2018.

Sutherland, Tonia. Archiving Trauma. National Forum on Ethics and Archiving the Web, March 2018.

Sutherland, Tonia. Embodied Labor, Carceral Archives, and Digital Resurrection. Society for Cinema and Media Studies, March 2018.

Chancellor, Renate, Nicole Cooke, Amelia Gibson, Renee Hill, Vanessa Irvin, Shari Lee, Bharat Mehra, Joe Sanchez, and Tonia Sutherland. A Critical Conversation with Faculty of Color in LIS. Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE), February 2018.

Sutherland, Tonia. Slave to the Rhythm: Embodied Records, Holographic Technologies, and Digital Resurrection. Archival Education and Research Institute, July 2017.

Chancellor, Renate, Nicole Cooke, Sarah Park Dahlen, Amelia Gibson, Beth Joy Hereford, Shari Lee, and Tonia Sutherland.  Communities in Crisis: What Everyday Acts of Terrorism Tell Us About Social Responsibility in LIS. Association for Library and Information Science Education, January 2017.

Sutherland, Tonia. Reading Gesture: Katherine Dunham, the Dunham Technique and the Vocabulary of Dance. National Women’s Studies Association, November 2016.

Sutherland, Tonia. Data Silence(s): Data Science, Inclusivity, and Barriers to Social Change. Decoding Data Science. Society for Social Studies of Science (4S), August 2016.

Sutherland, Tonia. Poplar Trees, Paved Roads, and Pixels: Curating the Digital Afterlife. Archival Education and Research Institute, July 2016.

Sutherland, Tonia. From Henrietta Lacks to Sandra Bland: External Constructions of Black Postmortem Digital Identities. Association for Library and Information Science Education, January 2016.

Sutherland, Tonia. People Problems in Data Science: A Case Study at the Intersection of the Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Humanities, Debating Data Science. Society for Social Studies of Science (4S), November 2015.

Sutherland, Tonia. The Embedded Archivist: the Case of the Collaborative for Historical Information and Analysis. Archival Education and Research Institute (AERI), July 2015.

Sutherland, Tonia. Reflections on Pluralising Archival Curricula Agendas. International Council on Archives, Section on Archival Education (ICA-SAE), July 2015.

Sutherland, Tonia. Teaching Pluralism with Intangible Cultural Heritage, Opportunities for Liberatory Pedagogy and Praxis in Library and Information Science. Association for Library and Information Science Education, January 2015.

Sutherland, Tonia. “Cultural Capital?: Unpacking UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention,” Studies in Critical Heritage and Ethnography. Archival Education and Research Institute, July 2014.

Sutherland, Tonia. “Archival Variety: Archives, The Live Performance Simulation System and the Virtual Vaudeville Prototype,” Exploring Theories and Methods for Archival Studies. Archival Education and Research Institute, June 2013.

Sutherland, Tonia and Lindsay Kistler Mattock. “To the Pointe: Opportunities for Archives and Digital Humanities in Dance Preservation,” Digital Moving Image and Recorded Motion Studies. Archival Education and Research Institute, July 2012.

Sutherland, Tonia. “Hallow This Ground: Reenactment as Intangible Cultural Heritage,” Archival Education and Research Institute, Student Poster Session, July 2011.

Sutherland, Tonia. “Madame Sans Genre: A Collaboration in the Process of Theater and Documentation,” Theatre Library Association, Annual Conference Plenary Session, November 2010. (with Ilana Turner)

Sutherland, Tonia. “’And then they asked me to play…’: Community Building, the Mary Vasquez Women’s Softball League, and the Archive of Social Change.” Problematizing the Legal, Ethical, and Theoretical in Oral History: the Mary Vasquez Softball League Project. Oral History Association Annual Meeting, October 2008.

Sutherland, Tonia. “Marketing 2.0: A Roadmap for Recruiting the Next Generation of Academic Librarians,” American Library Association, Emerging Leaders Initiative Poster Session, June 2007.

Sutherland, Tonia. “A Memorial for W.E.B. Du Bois: the Boyhood Homesite,” The Shaping Role of Place in African American Biography: An Interdisciplinary Conference. Great Barrington, MA, September 2006.