LS 502: Research Methods explores community engaged scholarship with our course theme, “Communities in Crisis: LIS Outreach, Partnership, and Engagement”



Instructor of Record

School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alabama

  • LS 502: Research Methods
  • LS 507: User Centered Information Services
  • LS 558: Archival Access, Representation, and Use
  • LS 590: Special Topics: Curating Digital Culture
  • LS 590: Special Topics: Foundations of Digital Curation

School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh

  • LIS 2220: Archives and Records Management
  • LIS 2224: Archival Access and Representation
  • LIS 2228: International Perspectives on Archives
  • LIS 2970: Special Topics: Archives and Performance

Commonwealth Honors College,  University of Massachusetts Amherst

  • HON 191D: Dean’s Book Course

Teaching Assistant

School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh

  • LIS 2184: Copyright and Fair Use in the Digital Age
  • LIS 2224: Archival Representation
  • LIS 2230: Records and Information Management
  • LIS 2700: Managing Libraries & Information Services & Systems
  • LIS 3000: Introduction to Doctoral Studies